• Campagnolo Record11 Speed Hydraulic Disc Groupset 2018

Campagnolo Record11 Speed Hydraulic Disc Groupset

The Campagnolo Record groupset historically has many victories under its belt, now with the addition of 11 gears and hydraulic disc brakes, the trend of victory will certainly continue. The Campagnolo Record 11-Speed Hydraulic Disc Groupset is designed to be the greatest performing drivetrain in history, to provide the best shifting accuracy, efficiency while being lightweight and silent when being used. The Record model has always been an outstanding product and the newest, refined 11-Speed Hydraulic Disc version is as exceptional as its ancestors, but pushes the performance-level further than ever before.

Campagnolo H11 ErgoPower Controls

Campagnolo H11 ErgoPower Controls provide exceptional performance and comfort thanks to the cutting-edge technology that has been implemented. These highly-sophisticated hydraulic disc brake specific ErgoPower controls retain the same form and shape that have made Campagnolo the undisputed leader when it comes to ergonomics. The levers compliment the shape of the rider’s hand, creating a comfortable and secure positioning. The design team at Campagnolo has implemented the hydraulic master cylinder into the ErgoPower lever and is only 8mm taller than the rim brake counterpart, retaining the legendary lever shape.

Comfortable, Efficient and Reliable H11 Hydraulic Gear Controls

The new H11 lever design is universally comfortable but can be fine-tuned and customised very easily to fit your own unique hand shape. You can adjust the exact positioning of the initial lever placement and modify the performance to meet your own individual braking style. The H11 can be adapted to suit the rider perfectly, leaving the focus to be on the road and task at hand.


  • Refined ergonomics of the ERGOPOWER body
  • New and optimised Brake Lever ergonomics
  • Brake Lever features DOUBLE CURVE design
  • AMS Adjustment (Adjustable Modulation System)
  • Reach Adjustment
  • Multi-Dome Technology
  • Hydraulic Master Cylinder
  • Upper Bleed Port on ErgoPower body
  • One Lever, One Action
  • VARICUSHION brake lever hoods, which feature variable density and surface finishes for supreme comfort and efficiency
  • ULTRA-SHIFT function enables multiple shifting for greater control, perfect for racing and endurance riding
  • Derailleur cable adjust barrel

Campagnolo Record HO Rear Derailleur

The Record HO Rear Derailleur is the highest performing competitive option available. Made almost entirely from carbon fibre, featuring a revised cage design for optimal stiffness and has been fine-tuned excessively to ensure that maximum shifting performance and chain stability is achieved. The Campagnolo Record HO Rear Derailleur delivers high-quality performance, speed and shifting precision any time you shift rear gears, in any riding situation. This version is the HO (hydraulically optimised) version which is specially designed for use with disc brake frames that feature the wide 12x142mm rear dropout spacing. It is equipped with an adapted mounting link for easy thru axle removal and it has larger teeth on the upper pulley wheel to ensure precise shifting at even the most extreme of chainlines.


  • New Upper Body with HO (Hydraulic Optimisation) Geometry in an ultra-light techno-polymer reinforced with carbon fibre
  • Featuring the same superb resistance and stiffness, the new two-part system made it possible for Campagnolo to reduce the weight by 53% compared to steel and 22% compared to titanium and it significantly prolongs the component life
  • ULTRA-SHIFT exclusive geometry parallelogram
  • Maximum derailleur stiffness, fast shifting, precision, reduction of possible play
  • Embrace Technology: The special chainring positioned inside the gear body acts on a rectangular section spring that allows the component to move along a trajectory that perfectly follows the curve of the sprockets, on both the 11-23 cassette and the new 11-29
  • Front Plate and Cage made from carbon fibre to increase stiffness and reduce weight
  • Revised Carbon Fibre cage design

Campagnolo Record S2 11-Speed Front Derailleur

The Record S2 11-Speed Front Derailleur provides high-level shifting performance thanks to Campagnolo Ultra-Shift technology and its exceptionally stiff and rigid construction. The mech features a long front plate, which ensures maximum leverage for super-efficient and direct chain control when shifting between chainrings and significantly increases the speed of shifting.


  • Special inner cage design
  • Greatest shifting available thanks to the semi-inner
  • Greater rigidity, faster shifting, more space for the chain crossovers
  • New cage design, made from light-moulded alloy
  • Enables crisp, rapid, precise and above all silent shifting thanks to the plate on the tip of the outer semi-cage
  • S2 SYSTEM (Secure Shifting System): The special support system built into the derailleur safeguards working of the drivetrain, guaranteeing maximum compatibility with frames on the market
  • CSD (Chain Security Device): The new CSD chain security device achieves extremely high stiffness levels, in addition to offering regulation that is completely independent from that of the derailleur. Compatible with all the braze-on derailleurs from the Campagnolo range
  • Derailleur Cable Deviator Insert: Stops the cable touching the derailleur when the latter is closest to the frame. It is used on frames where the cable exits its housing very close to the derailleur
  • Derailleur Clip Clamp: Allows perfect interfacing with the Campagnolo braze-on derailleur, guaranteeing maximum possible stiffness on frames with this kind of derailleur attachment. Available in 32 mm and 35 mm diameters
  • Front Derailleur Mounting Tool: Faster installation with better results, this mounting tool makes the mechanics job easier and more exact

Campagnolo H11 Crankset

The Campagnolo H11 Crankset features a design that is specific to disc brake frames and groupsets. As the rear hub spacing is wider on a disc brake frame, Campagnolo has designed this crankset to pair perfectly mechanically and to function exceptionally with disc brake spaced frames without having to increase the Q-Factor (distance the riders feet are away from each other). This superb attention to detail enables any rider to get on a bike equipped with this crankset to experience the comfort and confidence not commonly found with other branded modern road disc brake specific cranksets.


  • Fully Compatible with disc brake frames/bikes
  • Q-Factor maintained at 145.5mm
  • USB bearing system
  • New Chainring profile design
  • Optimised upshifting pins for each chainring combination to ensure accuracy
  • Hollow cranks and spider arms feature ULTRA-HOLLOW technology
  • 8 Bolt retention design increases efficiency and structural integrity

Campagnolo Record 11-Speed Cassette


  • Combined Steel and Titanium used to create the ultimate balance between, weight, stiffness and durability.
  • New wide range cassette design to provide gear ratios support multi-user requirements
  • The new Campagnolo 11 cassette enables consistently responsive, fast and precise shifting at a low weight
  • The new cassette ranges meet all rider requirements: 11-25, 11-27, 11-29, 11-32, 12-27
  • These cassettes are based on one triplet and 8 single sprockets with aluminium spacers
  • The 11-32T cassette features the following sprocket sequence: 11–12–13–14–15–17–19-22–25–28–32

Campagnolo Record 11-Speed Chain


  • Ultra-Link connectors, designed to provide maximum performance to Campagnolo transmissions
  • Enhanced efficiency means longer life for chainrings and sprockets
  • Special steel link pins have been designed to adhere perfectly to gears and sprocket teeth providing maximum fluidity, reduced friction and improved chain life
  • Advanced Ni-PTFE anti-friction coating provides smooth pedalling, quiet operation and longer life through reduced friction strain
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Campagnolo Hydraulic Disc Brake Caliper

The Campagnolo Hydraulic Disc Brake Caliper is compatible with all flat-mount equipped forks and frames on the market without the need for adaptors or converters. This brake caliper design provides exceptional braking power and due to the ultra-stiff and reliable construction, braking performance will not fade as they heat up when braking for long periods of descending. The pistons are made from the highest quality phenolic resin, which provide excellent thermal insulation properties and superior power transfer from the brake lever to the caliper. The caliper also features a metallic return spring to pull the pads back into place once the braking force has been released by the rider, eliminating the need of a mechanical spring, which ensures the pads return instantly.


  • Flat Mount Standard
  • 22mm Piston Width
  • Integrated Magnetic Piston Spring
  • Pads feature a wear limit indicator
  • Rounded brake pad edges
  • Anti-vibration metal pad backing
  • Cleaner caliper engagement
  • Fast to setup and safe assembly

Campagnolo Hydraulic Disc Brake Rotor

To compliment this high-quality, ultra-performance groupset, the Campagnolo Hydraulic Disc Brake Rotors ensure that no performance is lost. This rotor design dissipates heat extremely well, proving excellent consistency, reliability and braking safety. These rotors also provide the fastest reduction in speed with the least amount of braking force when compared with similar options from Campagnolo competitors.


  • Compatible with Centrelock and AFS hubs
  • Rounded external edge for clearing and safety
  • High heat resistance
  • Optimised spoke count for different rotor sizes
  • Rivet Connection Engineered to ensure a safe distance between rotor and caliper, which promotes efficient cooling under consistent usage


  • Colour: Black
  • Teeth: 52.36t
  • Speed: 11 Speed
  • Length: 170mm, 175mm, 172.5mm

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Campagnolo Record11 Speed Hydraulic Disc Groupset 2018

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