• Pioneer Dura-Ace 9000 Power Meter
Pioneer has been making waves in the peloton with their Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 Power Meter. Yes, that Pioneer. Yes, it's a fully-functioning power meter. Yes, like other Pioneer products, it's well-engineered and has features you can't find anywhere else. 
Pioneer's cycling division was started because two Pioneer engineers are passionate cyclists and thought they could do better than what they saw available. So they devised a power meter that works off of strain gauges on the backsides of both crankarms. The gauges are attached to flash memory, programming, a battery, and the left one, a transmitter. The gauges send signals to a larger transmitter attached to chain ring bolts and sits between two arms of the spider. That unit sends ANT+ signals to the head unit.
The great thing about having strain gauges on both arms is that the Pioneer Power Meter can tell how much strain, and thus how much power, is going through each crankarm. The result is not only a precise measurement of your overall power, +/-2%, but can measure what each leg is producing individually. The units are programmed to take twelve readings per pedal stroke, one every 30-degrees of rotation. The left-right balance that results can be "seen" by 72 ANT+ head units (as of this writing), including some by Garmin and PowerTap, but can be viewed, stored, and analyzed most precisely when paired with a Pioneer head unit, either the SGX-CA500 or SGX-CA900. On these units, not only will you be able to see how much power each leg is producing, but also how efficiently it is producing that power (a great, if distracting graphic can be viewed while riding), and a corresponding left-right efficiency number results. With this number, the higher the efficiency, the better you are utilizing your power. Just training this alone will make you a faster cyclist.
Even without having precise efficiency numbers, the Pioneer is a great meter. As the strain gauges are on the crankarms and not the spider, the meter doesn't need to be recalibrated each time you change chain rings, or even remove them for cleaning. They calibrate at the factory, and all you need to do is calibrate the zero point. This is easily done anywhere. Just put the cranks perpendicular to the ground and then run through a short protocol on your head unit—you don't need Pioneer's. While it is temperature-sensitive, like all crank-based meters, the meter actually learns and remembers what the calibration should be for various temperatures, and thus, can auto-correct over time.
In terms of setup, each arm works off a standard, user-replaceable, CR2032 watch battery: one battery per arm. The right arm's battery is in the big transmitter. They should last for about 150 hours of riding. Ride ten hours a week, and you can figure that a three-month replacement interval is safe. Each arm is turned on by a frame-mounted magnet; two magnets per bike, one for each side. The kit comes with two kinds of magnets, both a sticker-type and a zip-tie type. Instructions for mounting them are included. Spare magnet sets can be had for your other bikes. The kit also comes with a spare cover for the big transmitter: standard is Pioneer red; the spare is black. 
This Dura-Ace 9000 crankset is modified from stock. It meshes perfectly with the rest of the Dura-Ace group, be it mechanical or electronic. It also is compatible with non-Shimano drive trains. Crank lengths are from 165mm to 180mm in 2.5mm increments. Compact (50/34), Mid-Compact (52/36) and Standard (53/39) rings are all available. Once you have the crank, you can change the rings at will and not effect calibration. This crank doesn't come with a bottom bracket.
The Pioneer Shimano Dura-Ace 9000 Power Meter meshes the electronic engineering genius typical of the digital entertainment giant's products with one of the most coveted cranksets on the market.

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Pioneer Dura-Ace 9000 Power Meter

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